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Making my Business Dementia-Friendly

In a dementia-friendly community, people living with dementia have autonomy, a high quality of life, and are engaged with the community. The right community services and supports make this possible by taking a “whole person” or person-centered approach that helps people with dementia and their care partners live meaningful lives and reach their full potential.

Employees Perspective

  • Alzheimer’s disease costs U.S. businesses more than $34 billion a year in lost productivity due to absenteeism by primary care partners, workday distractions, supervisory time, and reductions in hours.
  • Magnitude: 15 million people care for someone with Alzheimer’s and 6.6 million of those people are employed.
  • Baby boomers are a valued, experienced segment of the workforce. They are the primary population caring for a spouse or parent with dementia as well the generation most likely affected by early onset of the disease.
  • Businesses that support their caregiving employees are not just benevolent – they are smart: every $1 companies spend on eldercare support reaps a $3 to $14 return.

Customer Perspective

  • With 70% of people with dementia living at home, they and their family care partners will choose businesses that are easy to navigate and that have helpful, aware staff.
  • Dementia friendly business is good business that will help retain existing customers and employees and attract new ones. Access training at Home Instead Business Training.